The Amoeba Game (first edition Oct 2017, special limited edition Jan 2018, 2nd edition Jan 2018)

Skurtu, Romania (first edition Dec 2016, 2nd & 3rd editions 2017)

"Offering" forthcoming in The Common, 2020
"Over Drinks" forthcoming in SALMAGUNDI, 2019
"Guilt Eater" in Glass Poetry, 2019
"Reconciliation" forthcoming in Burning House Press, 2019
"Kindness," "Street of the Future," and "Greed" in Black Bough, 2019
"Envy," "Courage," "Desire Lines," "One-Way," "Strategy," and "Two-Way" in ucity review, 2019
"Hum" and "Grand Staircase Hike" (Poetry Wales, 2019)
"Penance" (The Baffler, 2019)
"Happy Hour" (Plume, 2019)
"Writing Poetry is Like Fielding Ground Balls" in AGNI

"Revenant" (Plume, 2018)
"Heart Soup" (Salmagundi, 2017)
"On Inauguration Day I Remember a Visit to the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance" (Huffington Post, 2017)
"Camel in the Room" (Post Road, 2017)
"Postscript, Vermeer" (Salamander, 2016)
"Tourniquet" featured in Poetry Daily for World Poetry Day 2016

(The Kenyon Review, 2016) (audio)
"Visitation Tank" (SUBCAPITOL, 2016)
"Brains" and "Eclipse" (Plume)
"Night Communion" (Plume, 2015)
"7:32 AM" (Masque & Spectacle, 2015)
"Derivatives" (Tahoma Literary Review, 2015)
"Desire" and "Limit" (Redivider, 2015)
"Long Poem, Bucharest" (Poetry Wales, 2015)
"Vacation Bible School," "Mute," and "Vector" (Haverthorn, 2015)
"Indian River at Dusk" (Plume, 2014)
"Bar Poem" and "Richter Scale, Bucharest" (The Common, 2014)
"Feeding Time" and "Operating System" (Paper Darts, 2014)
"Shame" (Tahoma Literary Review, 2014)
"Șoricel" and "Discovery: Negative Return" (Memorious, 2014)
"Survivor Vade Mecum" (DMQ Review, 2014)
"To a Barracuda" (Los Angeles Review, 2014)
"Skurtu, Romania" and "Catechism" (Salamander, 2013)
"Foreclosure" and "Biter" (B O D Y, 2013)
"Morning Love Poem" (the minnesota review, 2013)
"Visiting Amber at Lowell Correctional" (The Southeast Review, 2013)
"Anyone's Son" (The Huffington Post, 2013)
"Kazoo" (The Dalhousie Review, 2012)
"Memory" (Poetry Review, 2012)
"Coming and Going" (Los Angeles Review, 2012)
"The Amoeba Game" (Poet Lore, 2011)
"Rejection Letter #1" (The Comstock Review, 2011)  
"Some Days Begin Like This" and "Waking Verne" (Salamander, 2010)

"Sacrificial Procession" (The Plume Anthology of Poetry, Volume 6, 2018)
"Paradox" (The Plume Anthology of Poetry, Volume 5, 2017)
"Indian River at Dusk" (The Poet's Quest for God, 2016)
"Spoiled" (The Plume Anthology of Poetry, Volume 4, 2016)
"Vector" (Vangard Editions Poetry Anthology #2, 2016)
"Anyone's Son" (Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence, 2014)